Shoreline Trolley Museum, Branford, Connecticut.

Ride a streetcar named dire

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Creeping, crawling trolleys are trolling toward Halloween

Shoreline Trolley Museum, Branford, Connecticut.
Shoreline Trolley Museum, Branford, Connecticut. ©Shoreline Trolley Museum

Unlike travel aboard modern rail cars and coaches, a ride aboard an antique trolley is an experience of many charms. Though you may think it’s easy to imagine the long-departed travelers who once haunted vintage streetcars, Halloween trolleys leave nothing to the imagination. A far cry from today’s more spacious rail coaches; on a trolley… there’s nowhere to hide.


It’s a short reach from sanity station to trembling tracks where racing hearts outpace the slow go of century’s old trolleys. And, in autumn’s ides, the tremors and screeches of long side-tracked streetcars turn once bucolic trackways into death-defying routes of fantasy and fright.

Halloween trolleys are phenomenons of neither place nor time. They are manifestations of spirit that can turn up in the most unlikely places. Ready to board a streetcar name dire?

Pennsylvania’s Rockhill Trolley Museum takes fearless Terror Trolley passengers through the haunted wreckage of a long forgotten trolley crash.

Fox River Trolley Museum‘s Ghost Story Trolley takes riders deep into the Illinois woods to hear spooky stories by campfire light. A Ghostly Trolley is among the Halloween attractions awaiting Iowans at the Midwest Central Railroad. A Transylvania Trolley and Seance on a Streetcar are among the Minnesota Streetcar Museum‘s Halloween events.

In Connecticut, twice the terror awaits. The Shore Line Trolley Museum‘s Haunted Isle Trolley drops riders at the Haunted Isle’s edge, while passengers aboard the Connecticut Trolley Museum‘s Rails to the Darkside face the mournful wails of an abandoned graveyard.

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